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Lagoon Cleaning

Lagoon/Pond Cleaning


Why Choose Mobile Solids?


We bring years of professional experience to the table serving all clients; from municipalities to private companies and engineers. 

We provide FREE quotes for all jobs and offer Belt Press Dewatering for faster, less expensive services.

Mobile Solids provides all necessary equipment for a complete job. This includes our Lagoon Crawler, hoses & fillings, pumps, generators, roll-off & crane trucks, sealed roll-off containers, mixing tanks, and a mobile belt press.

Our Experience

Mobile Solids provides start-to-finish lagoon cleaning for both maintenance and emergency circumstances. Our multiple crews work year-round and are OSHA 10 certified.

We work year-round with any client - municipalities, private companies, and engineers. All jobs completed by Mobile Solids are held to the highest standard! 

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The Cleaning Process

Setup: Once we arrive on the site, we'll begin to set up our gear and unload the crawler.

Lagoon Agitation: Once the crawler is on the lagoon, we will use it to agitate the contents.

Pump Lagoon: All contents will be pumped out of the lagoon into our mixing box.

- Solids Press: The solids are pressed out of the liquid and separated using our belt press.

Disposal/Cleaning: The solids we remove from the site are disposed of. After safety measures are accounted for, we will enter the digester for a deep clean.

Tear-Down: After all processes are complete, we will begin to remove our equipment. We leave our work-site spotless and always better than when we arrived!

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