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Dewatering Services


Why Dewater?

Our mobile dewatering units reduce transportation & disposal costs for our customers by reducing the total volume of material transported from the plant. Dewatering is also more environmentally friendly, as it helps to reduce waste volume!

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Our Experience

The experience of our team and variety of equipment allow Mobile Solids Solutions to provide the best Dewatering Service in the area. Whether you are a municipality or water authority, dewatering is the best way to remove solids from your system.

Dewtering Benefits

- Dewatered, high-solid cakes are light & compact, which manages sludge accumulation.

- Dry cakes don't spill onto unwanted places - so no mess!

- Sludge dewatering makes wastewater recycling simpler for municipalities.

- Sludge cakes are reusable - which is environmentally friendly!

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